La Olla de Sichuan

China is such a huge country that different climates coexist in it that determine the type of food each region produces. While Cantonese cuisine is perhaps the best known in the West, the truth is that there are other regional cuisines that deserve to be known. One of them is the cuisine of the southwest region of China known as Sichuan, which is surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range.

The restaurant La Olla de Sichuan presents a set menu that stands out for the influence of Sichuan cuisine and, undoubtedly, for the use of spicy foods. Its most famous dish, the Sichuan pot, consists of a hot pot presented in the form of ying-yang that combines two types of broths (meat, mushrooms, thai, spicy Sichuan or ginseng). Each diner will choose what food he wants to cook as a fondue.

The Sichuan Pot also offers other typically Chinese specialties made with traditional methods such as empanadillas, salads, rice, noodles, meat or fish.

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La Olla de Sichuan
Carrer d' Aragó 224, 08011 Barcelona.
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Restaurante abierto: Today Sunday, Lunch: 12:30h -16:00h. dinner: 19:00h - 23:00h. all days


Metro: Pg. de Gràcia (L2-L3-L4-FGC), Universitat (L1-L2)
Parking: Aragó, 219
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