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1.50 €
Papadum Pancake & Mint Sauce

Vegetarian Tortiita made with lentils, extra fine and crispy, slightly spicy.

5.95 €
Onion Pakora

Vegetarian Crispy fritters battered with onions.

6.95 €

Recommended Peanuts Vegetarian Traditional triangular empanadas - stuffed with po...

7.95 €
Aloo Tikki Chaat

Recommended Vegetarian Milk Delicious round potato with chickpeas, tomatoes an...

7.95 €
Street Food - Aloo Tikki Chaat (Gluten Free)

Gluten free Vegetarian Street Food - Chef Recommended - Delicious round p...

6.95 €
Hara Bara Kebab

Vegetarian Corn Vegan Round spinach and potato seasoned with spices and garam masala.

6.95 €
Hara Bara Kebab - Round Vegetable (Gluten Free)

Gluten free Vegetarian Corn Vegan Spinach and potato rounds seasoned with spices and...

11.95 €
Chilli Chicken

Sesame Corn Soy Boneless Chicken Dice Battered and Bathed in an Ex...

13.95 €
Chilli Prawn - Prawns - Indo-Chinese Fusion

Recommended Sesame Corn Soy Eggs Chef Recommended - Prawns bathed in a semi exotic ...

11.95 €
Chilli Paneer

Vegetarian Sesame Corn Soy Milk Dice de Paneer (fresh indian - home made cheese) l...

Starters of our Tandoor
Dishes made by a process of previous marination and cooking in our traditional clay oven, the Tandoor.

9.95 €
Paneer Tikka

Vegetarian Milk Cubes of fresh Indian cheese, braised and seasoned...

9.95 €
Chicken Tikka

Gluten free Milk Skewer of juicy pieces of boneless chicken marinat...

8.95 €
Murgh Malai Kebab

Gluten free Milk Creamy boneless chicken dice, marinated in fresh c...

9.95 €
Jalandri Sheekh Kebab

Gluten free Corn Juicy skewers of minced lamb.

10.95 €
Murgh Tandoori

Gluten free Milk Tandoori chicken braised and smoked in our clay oven

Main courses

12.95 €
Chicken Tikka Masala

Recommended Gluten free Peanuts Milk Specialty of the chef: Tender pieces of chicken pr...

11.95 €
Chicken Korma

Gluten free Peanuts Milk Curry with a mild flavor and creamy texture - a classic of Indian cuisine.

11.95 €
Pollo Korma - Chicken Korma - (No Nuts - No Dairy Content)

Gluten free Chicken curry with a sweet touch - with a mild fla...

11.95 €
Butter chicken

Gluten free Peanuts Milk Boneless chicken - dipped in a tomato and onion sa...

13.95 €
Kashmiri Rogan Gosht

Peanuts Boneless lamb curry, made with a unique aromatic sauce of intense flavor.

13.95 €
Goanese Prawn Curry

Recommended Milk Eggs Shellfish Prawns submerged in a mild coconut milk sauce and aromatic species.


8.95 €
Tarka Daal

Gluten free Vegetarian Vegan Yellow and red lentils boiled with traditional spi...

11.95 €
Bainghan Badshahi

Recommended Gluten free Peanuts Vegetarian Vegan Eggplant made with ground spices of intense flavor...

9.95 €
Chana Masala

Gluten free Peanuts Vegetarian Vegan Specialty of the Punjab region - chickpeas cooked ...

9.95 €
Palak Paneer

Gluten free Vegetarian Milk Daditos of fresh Indian cheese bathed in a creamy ...

Ideal to accompany our seconds

3.50 €
Basmati Chawal

Gluten free Vegetarian Vegan The king of rice. White grain long. Aromatic. Stea...

4.50 €
Jeera Chawal

Gluten free Vegetarian Vegan Basmati rice with cumin seeds

5.95 €
Egg Fried Rice

Gluten free Eggs Basmati white rice with egg and spring onion - ide...

9.95 €
Hydrabadi Biryani rice with vegetables

Gluten free Vegetarian Vegan Ideal for lovers of spicy, biryani made with a mixture of more intense species.

11.95 €
Biryani rice with chicken

Gluten free Aromatic rice with spices

13.95 €
Biryani rice with lamb

Gluten free Peanuts Aromatic rice with spices

Our breads are prepared fresh and at the moment in our traditional clay oven, the Tandoor.

2.75 €
Normal Naan

Milk Eggs The Indian bread par excellence. Flat. Elaborated at the moment

2.95 €
Garlic naan

Milk Eggs Naan with garlic

3.70 €
Cheese Naan

Milk Eggs Naan with melted cheese

2.75 €
Lacha Paratha Normal

Milk Eggs Original homemade bread. Flat. Made in multi-thin layers

2.25 €
Tandoori Roti

Vegetarian Vegan Flat bread made with wheat flour

2.25 €

Vegetarian Vegan Traditional soft pan (pancake) made with wheat flo...


1.50 €
Papadum Pancake & Mint Sauce

Vegetarian Tortiita made with lentils, extra fine and crispy, slightly spicy.

2.95 €
Raita Yogurt

Vegetarian Ideal to accompany biryani rice dishes - yogurt &#...

Chutney & Achaar Sauces (Pickles)

1.50 €
Salsa Sindur Delight

Gluten free Vegetarian Vegan

1.25 €
Mint sauce

Gluten free Vegetarian Milk

1.25 €
Tamarindo Sauce

Gluten free Vegetarian Vegan

1.25 €
Mango Achaar

Spicy Vegetarian Vegan


2.50 €
Mango Lassi

Gluten free Vegetarian Milk (Refreshing Yogurt-Shake Mango Flavor -150ml)

4.95 €
Carrot PhirniPudding - Gajar Halwa

Gluten free Peanuts Vegetarian Milk Traditional Indian - Carrot Pudding - tempered.

3.95 €
Pudding Rice - Phirni

Gluten free Vegetarian Rice pudding creamy texture - soft.

4.95 €
Sweet balls - Gulab Jamun

Vegetarian Milk Fluffy balls - fried and bathed in a sweetened syrup - tempered.

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