Pau Claris 190

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TAPAS and small plates

6.50 €
Spicy potatoes

In the style "Restaurant Pau Claris 190"

3.50 €
Duck Bite

With croissant bread, pine nuts, orange sauce and coffee

5.50 €
Wagyu blood sausage

Sweet potato puree, flambé apples and toasted onion

9.50 €
Foie micuit millefeuille

Caramelized green apple, crystallized filo pastry and pomegranate seeds

6.50 €
Artichoke Heart

Candied with gold emulsion and white almonds

6.50 €
Lizbeth\'s Scallop

With poached pear, raspberry sauce with Sichuan pepper and walnuts

9.50 €
Sauteed prawns

With cherry tomato, on arugula, buffalo pearls and ginger perfume

12.50 €
Mixed salad

With mango reduction and Dijon Mustard vinaigrette


28.50 €
Lobster Rice

By Raphael

21.50 €
Teriyaki Heura

With organic vegetables

24.50 €
Organic salmon

tagliatelle with salmon and dill sauce

24.50 €
Oyster Blade Steak

With Spanish sauce, potatoes and seasonal mushrooms

24.50 €

With mini vegetables and Placton sauce

28.50 €
Lamb meat

With sweet and sour tomato sauce and Canary style potatoes


8.50 €
Mutti cake

Decostruded with seasonal jam

9.50 €
Marzipan Brownie

With praline ice cream and white chocolate sauce

8.50 €
Goat cheese

Warm with truffle honey and pine nuts

8.50 €
Peach Mousse

With cherry glaze

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