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Includes 1 starter: cream, hummus or salad (chef's choice)

14.90 €

Recommended Gluten free Corn Eggs Fish with semi-raw salmon, escarole, quinoa, baked beet...

14.90 €

Recommended Gluten free Vegetarian Sesame Vegan with lentils, brown rice, sautéed mushrooms, carr...

14.90 €
cassava waffle

Gluten free Corn Milk Eggs with grilled eggs, broccoli and mustard sauce

16.40 €
marinated entrails

Recommended Gluten free Sesame Milk Eggs with bhutan sweet potato

16.40 €
grilled sea bass

Recommended Gluten free Sesame Soy Milk Fish with baked eggplant marinated in yakimiku and yogurt

(without cream)

14.90 €
Steak Tartar Keto Formula

with sauteed vegetables and sauteed mushrooms, Greek yogurt and sunflower seeds

14.90 €
Mackerel Keto Formula in EVOO

With sauteed vegetables and sauteed mushrooms, may...

14.90 €
Grilled Egg Keto Formula

Eggs With sauteed vegetables and sauteed mushrooms, may...

14.90 €
Keto Tofu Formula

With sauteed vegetables and sauteed mushrooms, dai...

16.90 €

Recommended Gluten free Every week we accompany Impossible Bakers Buerguer...


3.90 €
Coco chia pudding

Recommended Milk With mango ceviche, avocado and yuzu jelly

4.90 €
Chocolate ingot

Recommended Vegan With hazelnuts, medjol dates and oats

4.90 €
Caramel cookie

Recommended Vegan Medjol dates, cocoa and almond butter

6.10 €
Dessert Impossible Bakers

Gluten free Milk Eggs Impossible Bakers is the first keto and low-carb b...

6.50 €
Sweet Keto Waffle

of almond flour and buckwheat, with Choc&Roll*...

Special packs
The order must be made 48 hours in advance

23.00 €
Chickpea Waffles (10 units)

Recommended Gluten free Vegan If you are one of those who cannot go a week witho...

27.00 €
Low Carb Waffle (10 units)

Recommended Gluten free Eggs Enjoy the Low Carb waffle at home for your breakfa...

25.00 €
Wake Up MAAI

1 chickpea flour waffle ½ avocado season...

17.50 €
Brunch MAAI

2 units of Chocolate Porridge with cocoa nibs, 2 u...

25.00 €
Together MAAI

  Duo of vegetable hummus with seed cracke...

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