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To nibble

3.80 €
Olive marinate

Gluten free

6.80 €
Homemade truffled potato chips

Gluten free With Parmigiano Reggiano and black pepper.

7.50 €
Provolone croquettes, ceps, ham, potato and parsley

Three units.

6.90 €
Bruschetta with anchovies

On cubes of tomato, basil and oregano (2u).

7.80 €
Bruschetta with foie

Beef carpaccio and black truffle oil (2u).

9.40 €
Mortadella al tartufo

Gluten free With focaccia bread (celiacs may order without focaccia).

8.90 €
Provolone in the oven

Gluten free Baked provolone with potato, tender garlic, oregan...

10.60 €
Parmigiano Reggiano

Gluten free With olives and dried tomatoes. 

I nostri antipasti

11.40 €
Mozzarella di bufala

Gluten free With basil pesto, tomatoes and ginger.

11.90 €
Insalata with tuna belly

Gluten free with artichokes, hard boiled egg, mozzarella,...

11.90 €
Truffled burrata

Gluten free With pear cooked with white wine and honey.

15.60 €
Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Gluten free Aubergine gratin with tomato, mozarella, Parma ham...

15.80 €
Vongole alla Napoletana

Gluten free Clams with white wine, tomato, basil, garlic and chilli.

15.40 €
Vitello tonnato

Gluten free Veal shavings with tuna mayonnaise, capers and anchovies

14.50 €
Insalata with mazzancolle

Gluten free salad with prawn tails, mushrooms, bacon, cherry ...


16.80 €
Risotto fontina

Gluten free With truffle cream and fontina cheese.

17.60 €
Risotto with funghi di stagione

Gluten free With artichokes, squid and trumpets

17.60 €
Risotto with Zucca

Gluten free Pumpkin and its seeds, boletus, shrimp tails and spring onion

18.60 €
Risotto agli asparagi with salmon and cantarelli

Gluten free With green asparagus, fresh house-smoked salmon and rossinyols

Pasta cotta at the moment
Also available pasta for celiacs

13.50 €
Paccheri with Napoletano di salsiccia ragu

With sausage ragout, tomatoes and basil

13.40 €
Paccheri all'amatriciana

With tomato, guanciale, onion, black pepper and pecorino cheese

13.50 €
Spaghetti fresh neri

Fresh black spaghetti with shrimp tail, garlic, oil and chili pepper

15.80 €
Spaghetti alle vongole

With clams, tomatoes, basil, garlic and chilli

16.60 €
Fresh spaghetti alla botarga

Fresh spaghetti with garlic, oil, chilli pepper, mullet roe and pecorino cheese

18.50 €
Spaghetti allo scoglio

square spaghetti with clams, mussels, cockles, pr...

14.60 €
Fettuccine with rovellons

Prawn tails, garlic, oil and parsley

13.60 €
Ravioli di formaggio

Handmade pasta ravioli stuffed with goat cheese an...

17.80 €
Pasta in the shape

Fettuccine shortbread in the form of Parmesan with...


16.90 €
Carpaccio di polipo

Gluten free Octopus carpaccio with black olives and artichokes

17.80 €

With a bread crust with fine herbs on potato with pepper, onion and basil

19.60 €
tartare di tone

Gluten free Tuna tartare with tomato, sesame, avocado, rucola,...

17.90 €
Carpaccio di manzo tartufato

Gluten free Beef carpaccio with mushrooms, Grana Padano and truffle vinaigrette

21.50 €
Bocconcini di vitellone

Gluten free Diced white Galician beef with garlic chips, oil, ...

21.90 €
Irish Angus filetto tagliata

Gluten free Filleted Irish beef tenderloin on potato with mushrooms and spring onion


5.80 €
Focaccia all'aglio and rosmarino

Focaccia with garlic and rosemary

7.95 €
crocchette del giorno

Croquettes of the day, ask what they are made of today (three units)

11.20 €
Oval forceps with Nduja

Pizza with mozzarella, provolone, tomatoes, auberg...

13.80 €
Insalata di tacchino

Gluten free Rocket salad with roast turkey shavings, foie, fen...

15.20 €
Porcini mushroom carpaccio

Gluten free Boletus carpaccio with Parmigiano Reggiano, rocket, figs and lemon vinaigrette

16.80 €
Pasta fatta by hand ripiena di coda di bue in brodo

Handmade pasta stuffed with oxtail with veal broth...

16.80 €
Pappardelle with ragu

Handmade pasta stuffed with oxtail with veal broth...

17.80 €
Paccheri with soft foie cream

Ous de reig and figs

16.80 €

Tripe with white beans, prawn tails, mushrooms, parmesan and ham tile

26.00 €
Risotto astice e carciofi

Risotto with lobster, artichokes and its pesto

18.60 €

Gluten free Tuna, “round and round”, macerated wit...

22.60 €

Gluten free Baked turbot with green asparagus, potato, onion and cherry tomatoes

18.90 €
Lasagne with ragu

Gluten free With meat ragout, boletus, provolone, mozzarella and ham

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